Verizon Caller ID App Hangs
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I have a LG K20V. I am signed up for name caller ID. It works. However when I open the Verizon Caller Name ID app, I can choose any option except 'Profile'. When I select 'Profile' the app just hangs. It displays the little 'busy' icon, whatever, try moving nerve on a line or something, but it will not do anything. It will not time out, it will not let me back out, or close the app, it just hangs. I can press home and go to the home screen, but if I go back to the app, it is still there displaying the 'busy' icon.

When the free trial of the "plus" version ended, the app opened by itself on the profile page.  It would not save any added information or indicate any change made as successful (although it let me go through steps of uploading AND cropping a picture).  The hang problem persists after closing the app.

I searched the community and found multiple posts with the same problem 2 years ago.

Nice if anyone could help!

How can I fix this? Can it be?!?

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Re: Verizon Caller ID App Hangs
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Being able to use your Call Filter ID is definitely important, and I would be more than happy to help you out with this today. Here are a few things I would suggest trying. First, thing I would recommend is making sure that the app is up to date, and running the latest version. Have you tried clearing the Cache, or Temporary Files from your device before opening the app again? Also, have you tried force stopping the app?Resetting the network settings on your device is also another good option to try as well. Lastly if you have tried all theses steps, I would also recommend going into the app, and selecting the option to report a bug. This option will let you report the issue directly to the app developers.      AlfredoR_VZW