Verizon Cloud as a runaway process on Android
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Phone: Motorola Droid Turbo acquired March 2015

OS: Android 4.44 (Kit Kat

Storage: 32 GB, 87% free

After experimenting with Verizon Cloud, I have disabled it on my phone due to the following experience.

By way of background, as has been pointed out elsewhere in this forum, Google + can be set to automatically back up photos over WiFi. If you are using Gmail, all of your mail is on Google's servers so backing it up from your phone to Verizon Cloud is more or less a case of belt and suspenders.

That said I can report that once I deleted from my phone the photos I'd backed up to Google +. Verizon Cloud went into a loop chewing up the battery dropping available power from 100% to 60% in less than two hours.  Also, the phone heated up to 126F due to the rapid discharge of energy from the battery. 

During this time the phone was on the 4G wireless network in Cleveland, OH, with 4 or 5 bars displayed in terms of signal strength.

Once I disabled Verizon Cloud the rapid discharge of power stopped and the phone cooled off to less than 90F.

I suspect that the reason Verizon Cloud went into a loop is that it couldn't find photos to back up so it kept looking for them hence making it a runaway process.

I am sticking with Google + from now on.

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Re: Verizon Cloud as a runaway process on Android
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I will say that for photo purposes, I also use Google plus, mostly because it is effortless and there doesn't really seem to be any limit to how many pictures it will hold. I would, however, consider using Verizon cloud and set it up to back up only things like call logs, contacts, text messages, maybe even music. I am wondering if you had deleted those pictures during a time when Cloud was attempting a backup in the background. That would make some sort of sense as to its erroring out, but all you would really have to do is to go to app manager and force stop and clear data on it.

Re: Verizon Cloud as a runaway process on Android
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Well stick with Google+. But to others I have been using Verizon Cloud have it installed on the computer ( wonder how many million downloads its had) as well as a Droid Maxx. It has worked fantastic have not had one problem with it.