Verizon LG5 VS987 Black Screen when calling

I recently cracked the screen,  and did not have insurance on the phone so Instead of just buying the screen I decided to buy the whole LCD Display Screen Touch Screen Digitizer Frame.....

Now I am having problems with a black screen,  when I make a call or receive a call the screen goes black to where I cannot see who is calling nor who I am calling.....  it stays that way till i click on the power on button.....

I thought it was the proximity sensor, so I bought one of those and put in another one but it did not help.... unless the one i purchased is also not any good..

two things I need to no for now please..

First to make sure I purchased the correct item is the proximity sensor on the back of the case?  and not apart of the front side the touch screen Digitizer frame?  I will add a photo so you can see what I bought...

And second I have read where you can use this number: *#546368#*987#   987 being my model number to check what is wrong, but that does not work for me.... unless I am doing it wrong...

here is a photo of what I bought and and i keep hearing online also about a rubber piece has to be around the sensor... all I seen when I changed mine is a rubber piece that the sensor laid under and it was the size of the back camera piece that you can replace if goes bad..

Any help with these questions would sure be appreciated thank you

proximity sensor2.jpg

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Re: Verizon LG5 VS987 Black Screen when calling
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Hello TERHYD59,

I am sorry to hear that your phone screen is cracked. I know how important it is for you to have a working phone. Verizon Wireless does not recommend physically modifying or repairing your own device, as that does affect the warranty. However, with our Device Payment Plan, most customers can upgrade simply by paying off the cost of their current device. You can check My Verizon easily to check your available upgrade options.


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