Verizon SW Upgrade Assistant Won't Launch
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I am trying to resolve a constant rebooting issue on my LG G3 caused by the 5.1.1 update on 10/23.  I want to reinstall the update to see if that corrects the issue as I have tried everything else.  I was instructed by LG and Verizon phone support to use the Verizon SW Upgrade Assistant to "repair" my phone.  I however cannot get the VerizonSWUpgradeAssistantLauncher.exe to install when I connect the phone to my Win7 computer.  When the USB is plugged into the computer, the phone goes into installer mode but nothing autoruns.  I do see the .exe file in windows explorer, click and the circle spins then nothing happens.  The phone then reverts to MTP mode after a short time.  i tried uninstalling the driver but keep having this issue.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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Re: Verizon SW Upgrade Assistant Won't Launch
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We're here for support. Are you receiving an error message of any type on your computer or device?
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