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I have the Verizon Wireless home phone connection. I am having a terrible time getting it to work properly! I have calls that will drop and it will repeat it several times with one call. Through the course of one 15-minute phone call it might drop 5 times, sometimes more, sometimes less. While talking it goes in and out so I get only half of a conversation. The caller ID has never worked, usually a number will show up. I have called Verizon support and have talked to them but they try things and it never works. Then I have to call back and wait or have them call me back. They have called me probably 30 times and I have it all documented but I'm just to the end of my rope with it! Before I call and cancel everything does anybody have any ideas of what to do? Has anybody had this problem? It is getting ridiculous and I'm just completely tired of dealing with it! The funniest part, although it does upset me is the fact that it says on my account page that I have had no problems or issues reported!!!  LOL LOL PLEASE, PLEASE CAN ANYBODY HELP ME? ANYBODY THAT'S MORE SAVVY THAN VERIZON TECHS? HELP, HELP! HEL...

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I don't blame you for being upset, Bdrlsr0413. I do want to apologize that you have had so much trouble with your home phone. This does not sound right at all. You should be able to hold a conversation and view your Caller ID. I would love to help in getting this resolved once and for all. I have sent you a private message so I can help. AmberF_VZW