Verizon has pulled a Bait & Switch on a loyal customer

Hello Verizon Users,

I have been a loyal paying and on time customer for over ten years.  I used to count on using the Chat function for any type of help, it was great.  I made the mistake of indicating that I might be in need of help with this Covid Crisis, and they put my account in collections.  I kept my job, and just want to pay my monthly bill - but I can't do this!  After calls, texts, unsuccesful chats resulted in no responses, I set up a phone call appointment.  The CSA promised I could have my old plan back and would fix.  I go to pay my bill today and nothing has changes, so I thought I'll pay it all anyway - BUT I CANT, the site won't let me pay anything more than the small amount.  When I tried to use chat about this, I am suddenly persona non grata and it tells me "I see your account is in collections" and that I have to call Financial Services.  The only option there is to pay the minimum balance with a credit card.  I don't want this to ding my credit.  I want to pay what I owe today and be done with Verizon for at least a trial separation.  Any suggestions?  Write my congressman?  File an FCC complaint?  Hugs and safety, Loyal2VZWyethurt

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