Verizon update no more adapter use??

Long story short, I use an adapter (Or use to) to connect to my t.v to watch Hulu & HBO etc. I got rid of Satellite and internet. However this weekend I was unable to watch because my signal kept fluctuating between 3G and 4G.

However, today I had a strong 4G signal, I could stream shows on my phone and surf the internet fine...But when I connected my adapter to my t.v my signal completely died. I moved my phone around still no signal.

So I unplugged thee adapter and my 4G came back, but everytime I plugged it in id lose my signal completely. So I checked software update and 1 happened lastnight.


Does anybody know if Verizon has implemented sonething in the new software that won't allow adapters to be used to stream on T.Vs??

Re: Verizon update no more adapter use??
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Makaveli23, we want to help get the adapter connected so you can enjoy streaming on your TV. Just to confirm, what is the name of the adapter that you're using? Does it connect to your phone via wifi? Does the adapter work with any other internet connection?



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