Videos and Photos- LG vs. Nokia 929

Ladies and gents, I had a Nokia 929 Windows phone and now I got this V20. With the LG, I cannot send as many photos or any video as I could with my Nokia.  The LG only lets me send one photo by e-mail or text and no videos at all.  My Nokia I could send up to 15 photos at a time by e-mail and 6 by text or one video by email or text.  Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?  I have gone to Verizon store and they have no clue but when I bought this phone I was assured that this phone would be as good as my Nokia or even better.  Any help from anyone is truly appreciated. 

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Re: Videos and Photos- LG vs. Nokia 929

size of the photos. The 929 probably has a file size under or around 1MB whiile the V20 has them around the size of 5MB each.  When sending email you can't send anything over 10MB.  Some email providers limit it to 20MB in size.

So unless you "downgrade" the quality of the V20 photos you will not be able to send the same amount of photos as the 929.

Re: Videos and Photos- LG vs. Nokia 929
Verizon Employee

Frank, we can definitely help you with looking into what is going on, and what can be done to address or resolve your problems. When e-mailing, or texting, photos there is a size limitation. When using Verizon Messages+ to send a picture message, if the picture is to large to send, you would receive a message indicating this. You'd have the option to downgrade the photo, in order to send it. Depending on what e-mail program you're using, you may get the same or similar error message. Have you seen or received this message at all?


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