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I keep getting notifications that "cannot access Visual Voice Mail". I don't have VVM as far as I know, and don't care for it. How can I stop these notifications?

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Re: Visual VM notifications
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Which phone model do you have? Some models default to visual voicemail when it is activated on your line.

You can also sign into your MyVerizon account online and add the Block Visual Voicemail feature to your line. If it isn't available from the website, call customer service at 1-800-922-0204 from a landline or *611 from your phone and request they add the Block Visual Voicemail feature to your line.

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Re: Visual VM notifications
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PATWOR16, ensuring your voicemail is set up accurately and that we get rid of this notification is my goal as well. Ann154 provides some good insight, but I would like to assist you directly here. Visual Voicemail is generally a free feature and can be accessed through the Voicemail app on your device. I can understand not needing it if you're used to Basic Voicemail.


What make and model device are you using? Do you recall performing any type of software update on your device recently? 


Please reference our Online Troubleshooting Assistant for helpful tips to correct this problem at the link below and keep us posted on any changes. I hope this information helps.



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