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Hi all,

I switched from T-Mobile to Verizon back in October.  I have an LG V50.  I subscribe to Verizon's Premium Voicemail, so I can get the voice-to-text transcriptions.  The app has a couple of, in my opinion, serious flaws, though, and I'm wondering if anyone has a recommendation on an alternative app that works with Verizon's Visual Voicemail service?

Here are the problems:

1) If my phone is connected to my car via Bluetooth, when I play back a message, the phone does not switch the car over to Phone mode and play the voicemail through the car's speakers.  Instead, it plays through the earpiece, or the speaker if you turn on the speaker mode.  But even then, the volume is usually too quiet to be able to hear.  With my previous T-Mobile phones (and I had many Saumsung and LG phones during my 4 years with them), when I play a voicemail back, the phone treats it similarly to a phone call and switches the car to phone mode.  But that doesn't happen with the Verizon app.

2) If a caller leaves a long voicemail, the app only transcribes about the first 10 lines, then leaves a "..." at the end.  There are still almost 2 inches of blank, white space available in the app, but it doesn't use the space.  Why couldn't they just program in the ability to swipe up to keep reading?  It makes the transcription service useless for messages more than about 1 minute long.

So, if anyone either knows how to fix either of these problems (especially #1), or knows of a good alternative voicemail app, I'm open to suggestions.  Thanks!

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We want to make sure you are able to use our products and services as intended. We want to clarify some details, what software version do you have on the Visual Voicemail application? Do any other audio files play properly when connected to your car?