Visual Voicemail not working on Nokia

Grant it my phone is unlocked and not a Verizon branded phone.  It runs Android 10 and is part of Android One like the Pixel.  Since the update to verizon's Visual Voicemail I can no longer use the phone app to connect because the basic Visual Voicemail is disabled and no one is able to fix it.  the blanket response is it is not our phone so not our problem.  Here is thing Verizon allows you to buy the phone from a link on their website to the manufacturer's site.  they say it is certified to work on their network ( I do get calls, texts, and voicemails the *86 way ) but they kicked me off their Visual Voicemail system.  I cannot down load Verizons VoiceMail app because they say my phone is not compatible.  I was told in a store here let me show you a phone that will work.  I purchased a certified phone from a link on their website and they refuse to fix in what should be known as a basic function with cell phones today.  Now Verizon does sell the Pixel with the same Android OS as on my phone so the software should work because that is what is talking to their software to get access to visual Voicemail.  Just to twist the thorn more... Verizon says basic visual Voicemail is part of their package when you access their network therefore I am paying for a service that they refuse to fix.

Re: Visual Voicemail not working on Nokia
Customer Service Rep

We want you to have the service you depend upon, Timbar68. We want to learn more about the situation in order to help find a lasting resolution. Although the internal programming can vary slightly depending upon the specific device, there are features that are only available with Verizon Wireless branded devices. What happens when you are trying to access Visual Voicemail specifically? ChrisM_VZW