Visual Voicemails Archived But Some Missing

Hi there, I have a problem with archived Visual Voicemails. I archived 50 Voicemails using the "Archive" button in the Visual Voicemail app. That created a "VisualVoiceMail" folder in internal storage containing all 50 files. However, when I open the Visual Voicemail app to play those archived files, only 2 of the 50 appear, even though the directory has all 50. Any ideas? I'm using a Samsung S21 Ultra in case that matters. Thanks!

Re: Visual Voicemails Archived But Some Missing
Customer Service Rep

Oh no! We appreciate your efforts with your voicemail and this is definitely unusual. We're here to help. To confirm, have you been able to archive in the past without issues? To give us a better idea of what you're seeing, can you share a screenshot.   -Lorenzo