Voicemail App on LG Velvet Not Working
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I just got the LG Velvet through Verizon but unfortunately am having trouble with the Voicemail app. I haven't used the app on a few years, but I remember it listing my voicemails that I could listen to. Right now, all it shows is if I have any new voicemails and to call my voicemail. How can I uses the free basic visual voicemail? This is all it shows and there is nothing I can click on for settings, etc.


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Re: Voicemail App on LG Velvet Not Working
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Cranjack, we want to ensure you can access your voicemails as desired. If you're being told to call your voicemail via *86, then it would mean that the basic visual voicemail isn't provisioned for your line. As a result, the feature would need to be updated from basic voicemail to basic visual voicemail. For additional information, view the following:  https://www.verizon.com/support/visual-voice-mail-faqs/