Weak signal
Enthusiast - Level 2

Now I get a note telling me how important I am to Verizon. And I have earned a "badge" for a returner. Folks: I keep returning because you  refuse to solve our problem. For more than ten years, service in our neighborhood has been fine. Then two weeks ago, all at the same time, for All Verizon customers, bars disappeared, and calls could not be completed. We've all waited for yours on your customer service line. We were all told repeatedly that the problems were with our phone. Some of us were sold range extenders. Really? Pay for something to enable service we already pay for, and until two weeks ago worked fine? I got an e-mail saying there is a message from in my private inbox. THERE IS NO MESSAGE! Just the usual script about how important I am to you. If I'm so important, just get a human being to tell me what went wrong, what you are doing about it, and when you will fix. You guys used to be the standard for coverage and service. What happened?