What is causing my video apps to crash on Galaxy Tab E?

I start a video app... Youtube, Prime Video, VLC, etc... after about 1-2minutes of being open, the app crashes. It doesn't matter if I am streaming a video or not, it will crash.  Other apps seem to be working fine.

What I've tried:


Updating the OS

Uninstalling OS updates

Clearing app caches

Wiping cache partition

Uninstalling and reinstalling video apps

Device Wipe/Factory Reset

Undoing update/updating Android System WebView

I hope Verizon comes back with an answer or T-Mobile will be getting my business.

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Re: What is causing my video apps to crash on Galaxy Tab E?
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You have done some sound troubleshooting there. Have you tried using your web browser to go to a site directly and watch a video that way instead of in an application? You can do this test in safe mode(unless you are using an iPhone).


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