What samsung phone do you recommend?

I have an apple iphone, but I do not really like apple..

I am looking for a Samsung, one that is:

  • compact: small, but not too small, hand held
  • Great storage: I have lots of music & take plenty photos
  • Good camera
  • Fairly new: 2014-2017
  • Good price: not above 400

Thank you! Smiley Happy

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Re: What samsung phone do you recommend?
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Community Leader

You are likely looking at the lower end of the Samsung devices and not finding the storage you want.

Some alternatives


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Re: What samsung phone do you recommend?

Of course, people's idea of compact will give you different answers.

I would suggest looking at swappa.com where you may get a slightly used phone for the price you want. You would also get a higher end phone than you would be able to purchase new.

For example, the Galaxy S7 Edge in good condition can be had for less than the $400 you are willing to pay. You may not consider it "compact" but when compared to some of the monster phones currently available, is is not one of the larger phones currently available and meets ALL of your other criteria.Smiley Happy


Re: What samsung phone do you recommend?
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Getting a phone you love is definitely a good thing. It sounds like storage and camera is most important to you. In order to get a phone that fits your needs, I would recommend looking at devices a little higher than your price range.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 recently dropped in price after the launch of the S8, so you're looking at $576.00 (billed at $24.00/mo for 24-months) if you're eligible to upgrade. This phone has expandable memory, which the previous Samsung Galaxy S6 did not have. It also has a great camera. I have this phone myself and I love it. https://www.verizonwireless.com/smartphones/samsung-galaxy-s7.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or would like assistance ordering it so we can reach out to you.


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