Where do I find my trash bin?

I am deleting old photos, the ones I have transferred to DVDs, in order to free up space in my cloud storage.

I keeping getting a message to "not forget to empty the "delete bin".  I can not find the bin. 

I read a post to go to "Google Photos" and I have no idea how to find that.

Can anyone give me user friendly directions.  I am not a computer wiz

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Re: Where do I find my trash bin?
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Thanks for visiting our community member forum. We appreciate you using the resource. It's correct that there is generally no trash bin to clear out on smartphones. Let's take a closer look at how you are doing this. Are you deleting these in your phone's gallery, or using a computer program of some sort? If you're making these deletions in any sort of application or program, please us know about those details. What if any backup programs do you have in use?

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