Why Am I Having Battery Problems With My LG G4?

The battery drains very quickly and takes hours and hours to re-charge with no usage at all!  That is, if I can even get it to recharge...I use the charger included with the phone and 95% of the time, it doesn't even recognize that it is plugged in.  I have to stand on my head an hold my breath to get it to begin charging and then - I keep getting the slow charging message and suggests I use the original cord, which I am already using.

I am purchasing this phone thru Verizon on a payment plan.  The total price was over $500.00, and I still owe $282.00.  I have only had the phone since Jan. 2, 2016.  I am not eligible for an upgrade until this phone is paid but it is not working!!

I have Verizon's Protection plan (Asurion) but not sure what it covers.  Should I contact Verizon or LG because I am frustrated..

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