Why Am I Seeing Incorrect Data Usage Alerts?

This has happened to me repeatedly! It has caused me to increase my data plan intermittently to avoid overages when I was unable to access my account online. I called last fall (2016) and it stopped for a while. It has recurred again the past 3-4 months. I check my usage online and it isn't even close to the amount I was notified about!!

I chatted with a rep online 7/21/17 and she confirmed the data usage was as was shown on my account online and she assured me the matter would be resolved. Today, 7/25/17 I get an email that I now have only 25% data remaining!!! There is no change on my account data online from my review last week so I basically have no info!

I am going to search for another provider!!!

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I am sorry to hear your data reports have been wrong. I know I personally rely on my data meter and wouldn't be happy if it was incorrect. Let's work through this together. How many devices are on the account and is it reporting wrong for all of them? What kind of devices are they?


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