Why DON'T YOU ALLOW US TO DND VOIP spammers/robos???
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Spammers/Robo remains out of control. Many of us are getting four robos that make it through to us even with Verizon call filter.  Verizon now is able to display the originating network... ie, Att Wireless, Landline, and  (company name) Voip.  

This means it now (would be)  possible to  filter 100%  of  all the spammers/robo/..... simply allow a custom Block rule to block third party VOIPS.   because.... turns out, 100% of all spammers/robos  use third party Voips, like "Neutral Tandem Voip" that allow...indeed cater to spammers.  Block all third party Voips, while allowing legit Voips like Comcast = you block 100% of all spammers/Robos.

For the argument, you might block a legit phone call... fine, then instead of blocking... have all third party Voips go to your voice mail.

The solution is possible! Why not implement it?




Re: Why DON'T YOU ALLOW US TO DND VOIP spammers/robos???
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Thank you for bringing this to our attention mlmorrison. We can appreciate your feedback surrounding this matter as we understand that this is certainly not unique to Verizon Wireless. While we have features available with Call Filter and number blocking that come available with your device, this would cover what we can about the calls that may slip through. We thank you for your patience and hope that things improve with these types of calls soon.


Re: Why DON'T YOU ALLOW US TO DND VOIP spammers/robos???

The answer is double talk Verizon. Allow us to block voip carries like these versus blocking the spoofed numbers they use. You are complacent in this operation. Furthermore you are charging us for an application that isn’t working as advertised.