Why Won't my LG-VS835 power on?
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Why Won't my LG-VS835 power on? Battery  was getting low so  I  plugged in to wall   charger  that came  with phone . Walked  away for 20  min. When  picked phone  up again power was  off. No LED lights at all. Will not power on.  Tried all troubleshooting  steps twice just to be sure. Outlet works fine for other devices. Charger plug and cord work fine together and separately on other devices. Have removed/installed battery many times. Unable to put into safe mode due to no response of any kind. I haven't had this phone for a full month yet. Have only ever used the wall charger and sub cable that came with phone. Purchased new from Verizon store. Haven't had any kind of issue with this device at all until now. Haven't dropped it, bumped it, left in the sun or in the freezer. Did not give to toddler, dog or elderly person to play  with. What do I do?

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Re: Why Won't my LG-VS835 power on?
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We want to get your device back up and working as intended, Flutterbyegirl76! Congratulations on the new device but sorry to hear about the current issue. We are here to help! When you plug the device into or take off of the charger, does it make any indication of the connection being made or does it remain unresponsive? From the looks of it, is there anything that may be obstructing the charging port?


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