Why can't I set my ringtone for my LG K20 V?

I downloaded custom zedge ringtones for favorites on my lgk20v, it shows on their profile on the listing.  however, when they call my phone, it comes through only on the default "notification" sound (country blues).  Why aren't their custom ringtones coming on when they call my phone.  Is there some type of default ringtones that I need to turn off first?

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Enjoying personalized tones is something that many of us enjoy. We do want you to be able to use your tones how you wish. While we do not support Zedge, for the K20 V you would go to your contact, scroll down to the Ringtone and select the tone you wish to play when this caller rings you. See details on page 157 of the User Guide at https://www.verizonwireless.com/dam/support/pdf/user_guide/lg-k20v-ug.pdf. I hope this is beneficial...


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Have you moved the ringtone files to the the ringtone folder on the phone's internal memory space?

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