Why does my WIFI keep disconnecting and saying unavailable when the internet has good connection?

My phone keeps saying that i have internet signal and my router is working fine. I have Wifi working on my ps3 and ps4 and Ipad, but our Lg G4's just recently started saying that the Wifi is unavailable and then says it is disconnected. When you click on the Wifi on the phone it says good signal and says its on though. It also says disconnected due to poor internet connection, but its not my internet. Why is this happening now?

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Mine was happening because I was on the 5GHZ band.  HOWEVER, I had my ISP come out to move my units splitter further towards the main hub at the building connection.  After a few folks move in and out and time goes on, about once a year, I have to have the maintenance performed by a tech because my signal gets really bad.

Point:  My DOCSIS 3.0 Moto Surfboard modem was showing 8 down stream channels but instead of 4 upstream, it showed 1.  My power and signal readings were horrible.  Now I can use the 5GHZ band with no issue at all.

Could be you need to have your ISP take a look at your line, physically.  They can take a reading of your modem's signal online or over the phone, but I just accessed my modem's webpage via browser.

I was dropping the signal frequently until I had this repaired.  The 2.4GHZ band had a little issue, but not as bad as the 5 GHZ band.

May want to adjust wifi settings on the G4 or router to 2.4 only, have the ISP check it out, and make sure you change settings to NOT disconnect from wifi because of poor signal.