Why won't my device power on?

Why won't my device power on?

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Re: Why won't my device power on?
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The most common cause of this issue is the infamous "Boot Loop" (welcome to the club). You likely have a piece of hardware on the phone that has failed and has to be fixed or the phone replaced. This is a known problem that LG has "acknowledged" but has not issued an official recall, and Verizon seems to not have any idea what is going and their response is to treat each case as an isolated issue.

You likely have a "bootloop" if you have the following symptoms:

  • Device not powering on
  • Device randomly restarting
  • Device overheating
  • Device rebooting in a loop and will not load the phone operating system
  • Any combination (in no particular order) of any of the symptoms mentioned above.

These could be other causes of your issue:

  • Charger has become corrupted and not charging the device
  • Battery has become corrupted
  • The screen has failed.
  • Power button is no longer functioning.