WiFi Calling Stopped working on LG V30, solution
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MY LG V30 stopped working on WiFi calls after the 20a System updated.  I worked with Verizon chat folks for a while, tried this, tried that, still WiFi calling would not work .   It would try to activate, then time out saying "WiFi Calling unable to connect, Try again later.  Verizon recommended a factory reset, but I did not want to do this meaning I would have to reinstall apps, contacts, etc.   WiFi in and of itself did work.  I could connect to a WiFi server at my work, and transfer data, no problem.  So I did have a WiFi connection but could not make a WiFi phone call.  In settings, going to Network & Internet,  then Advanced Calling, and then WiFi calling it would not activate.    Then I called LG Support, no help, they said it is a Verizon thing.   So I looked at every app by Verizon, and I found that two apps  "Verizon Services" and "My Verizon" were both disabled or stopped.  So I ENABLED those two APPS and voila, WiFi calling began working fine as advertised.

So it is important to note that if you have a Verizon LG V30 phone and you disable or force stop the "Verizon Services" and the "My Verizon" Apps, WiFi calling will not work.

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Re: WiFi Calling Stopped working on LG V30, solution
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Since wi-fi calling is a Verizon service it makes sense that if you disable Verizon services it will not work.