Wickenburg Internet failure everyday after 10am
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I live West of Wickenburg AZ on Nine Irons road. We have dirtTY internet service here and I want to know what Verizon is going to do about it. Everyday I get great internet service from 6am - 10am then after 10am I can't get a network connection, I can't send/receive text messages, I can't search Internet, NOTHING until 6am next morning. This have been on-going for 9 months now. A year ago this was not happening. A neighbor has installed a Ham Radio tower. Could his broadcasting be interfering with your cell phone internet signal? Can we get someone from Verizon out here to do a signal test? Why am I paying over $100 a month for cell service that I can't use after 10am?

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Re: Wickenburg Internet failure everyday after 10am
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It is important that you are able to get strong signal, BadService85390. Does the drop in service strongly coincide with the construction of the tower? Ham Radio normally broadcasts on a totally different frequency from LTE, so there shouldn't be any interference. Do you know if there is anything else the tower is being used for?