Wifi calling issues

It says it's calling, but won't go through when I am connected to my home wifi. And sometimes I don't receive calls. Showing no missed calls. 

The stupid thing wifi calling works perfectly at work which is a steel building so I can't get calls or barely can over the Verizon network. 

I do occasionally restart my phone which seems to help. 

I have just been turning wifi off at home, but I shouldn't have to. 

Our internet is fiberoptic and I connect to it with excellent connection.

I am on call for work and sometimes have the phones forwarded to me so I can't have lost calls.

Re: Wifi calling issues
Customer Service Rep

We know how much you rely on your device to work when you need it to. I am sorry for the issues you are having. Just to clarify, do other devices work on your Wi-Fi at home? Have you tried rebooting your router?