Wifi random disconnect after Nougat update (Zenpad z8)

Asus Zenpad z8 wifi cuts on and off after Nougat update.  We've performed factory reset on the device and it does not resolve the issue(with and without restore from Google backup.). No other devices except one other which also received Android Nougat update exhibit the same problem.  We're certain its not our routers and access points as we have taken the tablet on our trips and still suffers the same issue at various locations.  Any help to fix or ways to rollback to the previous version of Android would be appreciated.  Thanks

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Re: Wifi random disconnect after Nougat update (Zenpad z8)
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CONKIR35, I'm sorry to hear that your device keeps turning on and off since the update. It definitely sounds like you've done quite a bit of troubleshooting to figure this out. For more help, please reply to my direct message, so we can assist with your individual situation.


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