Wireless Upgrade Software Assistant (SUA 2.0)


I just wanted to take time to provide some constructive feedback.

I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Note 20, and lately, everyday it reminds me it needs to do a System Update.  So I choose the option to have it download and install the update.  After the phone reboots, it says the update was successful.  However, apparently this isn’t the case, since later that day (if not, the next) it reminds me again it needs to do the same System Update.  Now, I’ve run into this same issue in the past, ironically with other Samsung Galaxy Note phones (Note 4 and Note 5).

Therefore, I use the Verizon Wireless Upgrade Software Assistant.  I don’t mind using my PC to update my phone, but here’s the issue.  Why does the Software Assistant take so blasted long ???

I can reimage an entire Windows PC in less time than it takes to update my phone; which to me, seems ridiculous.  According to the GUI, most of the time is spent on “Downloading Update...”  I don’t understand with today’s internet speeds, why it should take 30-90 minutes to download!  In fact, I’m going through the process right now.  So far, it’s been running 30 minutes and is at 60%.  Now, I'm a programmer myself, and I cannot think of a reason the update process should take as long as it does.  There’s has to be something that could be done to improve the overall time it takes to process an update using the Software Assistant.

Thanks for taking some the time to read this over.  Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Wireless Upgrade Software Assistant (SUA 2.0)
Customer Service Rep

As a programmer, mark_kirby, I am sure you have collaborated on projects here and there. The Software Upgrade Assistant is a collaboration between us and Samsung. Depending on the programming, we have learned that using the Software Upgrade Assistant to update the device is a time-involved process. We appreciate your feedback, and I will be sure it gets to the right team.