Worst phone I have ever had.

Just reactivated my old Turbo 2 so I can have a phone that works. Upgraded to the Kyocera Duraforce 2. Big mistake. Already on 2nd phone due to the fact that this thing won't work in areas where my old phone would. Plus now when I do walk outside of the building I have to force it into airplane mode and back out just so it will search for service which by the way can take several minutes. Now its latest trick is to not recieve text messages in a timely manner. Anybody else have one of these garbage phones and seeing similar issues?

Re: Worst phone I have ever had.
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Getting world class service you can rely on is always a priority. We want to make sure with any device you can count on your phone to work without having to do so much work. What sort of service do you get when you're inside? Have both of the Duraforce 2 phones you've had done the same thing from the time you got them?