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ZenFone V ASUS can't make calls.


I can't make calls and get this message "currently out of range of mobile network...would you like to use WiFI"  This happened a month ago and the Verizon tech had to reset my phone because he couldn't figure out the actual problem. Does anyone have a possible fix for this?


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Re: ZenFone V ASUS can't make calls.
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We want to make sure that everything is working properly for you. Is your device on the latest Software Update? Have you installed any new Apps recently? 


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Re: ZenFone V ASUS can't make calls.
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There are multiple possible reasons why you can't make calls. Finding the reason will definitely give the fix. Since we don't know the real reason yet, then more troubleshooting is required. The reset is the first troubleshooting here. There are different kind of reset. If you did the factory data reset, then it means the issue is not the software of the phone. Factory reset will only work if the issue is caused by the phone's software. Since it didn't work, then it's not the software.

Technical Support is not supposed to know the fix right on the bat. No one should. Knowing the issue does not give enough information on what caused it. It will be frustrating to expect someone to know the fix if no one can without troubleshooting first. The problem with troubleshooting is you might have to go through multiple steps then you lose your confidence to that person helping you.

Sorry for the lecture. You might want to provide all the troubleshooting steps done so we can avoid repeated troubleshooting. I would also suggest using the self-service troubleshooting in this website. Click this link Troubleshooting Assistant for ASUS ZenFone V | Verizon Wireless to try some troubleshooting on your end.