ZenFone V incompatible with extender?

I was looking for a set of reasonable priced smart phones for our first set of smart phones. The ZenFhone V was made as a Verizon Exclusive  and has great futures and is easy to work with, and we like them very such all in all a well built phone for the money, but we have two problems with them that Verizon can’t seem to solve.

I can’t believe Verizon would  sell any thing that’s is not compatible with existing equipment in there service system, but it appears that their research and development fail them.

Problem #1

I bought the 2 phones a month ago along with a extender, and brought them home to set up at home via the sales person who worked hard to get me what I needed. Both the phone, and extender  all set up and are working great. The first trip to town was uneventful with the phone working flawlessly. There are other extenders in the area, and these phones will not connect to them. After 3 different calls to Verizon Support, and one in store visit the problem still persist. The solution involves me  jump thru hoops for them to fix their problem which I don’t, or the owners of  extenders don’t have the time for.

Problem #2

This problem is with USB connection that will only charge as it dose not see the USB and I can’t move files around with out some complexed and time consuming effort again make me spend to much time move stuff to control usage of onboard memory. Even their Developer options will change the USB’s job from charging to data usage.

My question is how do I find someone that can help me with my problems.

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