asus zenfone V how to get to apps

Just received the zenfone V ..All I see is blue screen and nothing else.  How do I access the apps please?  Thanks

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Re: asus zenfone V how to get to apps
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YVOJOH5, the ZenFone V is one sweet device that we want to ensure works properly for you. We are here to assist. Regarding your new device, does the phone go into a blue screen as soon as you power on the phone? Were you ever able to go through the set up of the device, and able to make calls and send messages? If you have not been able to set up your phone, I recommend performing the factory reset found through this link: to see if this will force the phone to work like normal. If the issues continue, I recommend taking the phone, box, and all accessories to your nearest direct VZW retailer for a hands on evaluation.


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