calls going straight to voicemail

just started yesterday. I call my business manager, who has an Android phone and Verizon, and my calls go directly to voicemail. He gets all other calls, including a call I made from Google Voice. Yet, if I call from my cellphone, it goes directly to voicemail. He has checked all the things recommended in this thread - do not disturb, did he block me (no), did he check the box for "send to voicemail" (no), yet, If I call him it goes directly to voicemail. This is a serious problem that impacts our work. Please advise. Thank you, Susan

Re: calls going straight to voicemail
Customer Service Rep

That definitely is alarming and I appreciate you bringing this to our attention.  Tell me a bit more as I aim to help you find a solution as soon as possible.  When did this first start happening? Do your calls not go through to anyone else other than your business manager?