data transfer from old phone

my new razr screen is broken and from all the research that i have done over the last few days tells me that im out of luck as far as transferring data from my broke razr to the replacement razr.  unfortunately the broken razr did not have file transfer and debug mode enabled.  so ive resigned myself to go do a content transfer from my old sony xz2 compact to the replacement razr.  i remember doing this when i first got my broken razr and everything transferred ok.  so i do the content transfer on the replacement phone from the sony and everything transferred over except the game data.  tried to do content transfer again but same results.  any suggestions to get the game data to transfer along with the app would be appreciated.  rather only lose 3 months of save game data than have to start all over.


thank you



Re: data transfer from old phone
Customer Service Rep

We're here to assist. Please clarify the game data you're referring to. JoelD_VZW