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My wife had a phone on the device payment agreement and she passed away after 10 months of payments. I returned the phone to Verizon and now they are billing me for the remainder of the 24 month contract. Do I have to pay the remainder of the contract???

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Re: device agreement
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I'm sorry for your loss.

I'm surprised they accepted the device, did they say anything or did you use it for trade-in credit?

Ultimately whether you have to continue making payments or not depends on who was financially responsible for the account. If your wife was the account owner, there may be a way for you to port out your number from the account and seeing as the one financially responsible is deceased, no more payments would be made.

You really need to call customer support and talk to them about it. However, if you are the account owner, you are the one that made the agreement (even if it was your wife's phone) and you are the one responsible for payment of the device, even if it's not being used anymore.

Re: device agreement
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I'm deeply sorry for your loss and I truly apologize for this inconvenience. I've sent you a Private Message so we can discuss this further & get additional information. I look forward to hearing from you.

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