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BACKGROUND: Awaiting delivery (May) of a Gemini PDA/Phone as an crowd-funded, campaign "backer" "perk" initiated by Planet Computers, London, UK. The devices are shipping now worldwide.

TROUBLING ISSUE: Although the device's specs / chip, manufacturer, and other online confirming info, state the "phone" is compatible with Verizon's "bands", etc., Verizon customers like me are learning disappointingly that the Gemini is NOT CERTIFIED by and for use on the Verizon Network.

CLUELESS: Local Verizon retail folks AND online are neither knowledgeable about this certified or not issue NOR has anyone contacted been willing to investigate a resolution... either way, meaning, yes, they can get the phone certified or confirm with trusted certainty Verizon cannot / will not / does not certify allegedly compatible phones, and sorry.

QUESTION: How, where can one get their Gemini PDA/Phone "certified" to work on Verizon's Network?

IMPORTANT: Verizon Supports TIMELY, helpfully thorough answer / assistance shall dictate whether of not I remain a Verizon customer.

My clock is ticking down... with my frustrated impatience.

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Re: device certification keep your device
Customer Service Rep

I understand this is important for you, JFBLAISJR. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. Our goal is for you to have a working device. Eligible 4G smartphones that are compatible with our network can be activated on your existing plan. You can continue to check our website to verify compatibility using this link. Are you experiencing any issues with your current device?


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Re: device certification keep your device

The likelihood that Verizon will "certify" your phone is pretty slim.

IF you currently have a working Verizon phone with the same size SIM card and the phone has all of the bands required to work on Verizon's network, you can likely take the SIM card out of your current Verizon phone and place it in your Gemini PDA/Phone and get limited capabilities. By this, I mean you should be able to get voice/text/data to the device buy will not be able to utilize Verizon's HD Voice or VoLTE capabilities. Phones must be Verizon certified for those capabilities.