dropped calls

My LG8 ThinQ is dropping calls coming in and dialing out. This has been happening on and off for a few months now.  Last night I made and received calls.  Today I can not.  Nothing has changed in my environment.  It will clear up if I restart my phone but that is a temporary fix, as it happens again a few days after.  My Sister tried to call me and the call dropped before it connected and she got an error 500 code.  From what I've read online this happens very often, with many brands of phone.  I pay too much every month that I feel these situations should not happen.  I would love some thoughts. Thank you!

Re: dropped calls
Customer Service Rep

Making sure you are able to make and receive calls without issue is important, and we're here to help. To clarify, is the software fully up-to-date on your phone? Other than restarting your device, have you completed any additional troubleshooting steps since this issue began?