how do I text on an ipad
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I've been trying this for hours now.I have an android phone and an ipad.  Everything I read online says that texting still works, but almost everything also assumes I'm using an iphone anyway.  But I follow the directions to the letter when I find them.  I have messages turned on on the ipad.  I try sending texts and every single one says undelivered.  I try sending a text to the ipad phone number from my Android phone and it times out without sending.  The ipad gives me NO options for settings.  It also gives me no reason for it not working.  This is an example of the wonderful world of ios?

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Re: how do I text on an ipad
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I have a Droid Turbo 2 phone and an iPad, the two devices on my account.  Each has a number assigned.  Using the Verizon Message+ app on both and integrated messaging, I can text on both.  The iPad does NOT get text messages to its own number (thinking that doesn't work with the Message+ app and not sure about iMessages). The Message+ app on the iPad is configured to the Droid phone's number.

See Verizon and iPad Text Messages

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