how do I transfer data from S4 to LG g7 thinq

Bought LG G7 thinq from Verizon W thru the Costco Wireless vendor. Came in the mail but did not include information on how to migrate my data, settings, apps etc  from the S4 to the G7 as the sales rep had told me. Also not clear about what it takes to activate the new phone and deactivate the old one...looking at doing it myself unless its too complex. Then I will have to try to get into costco and have them do it. I used Samsung Smart Switch to move my wifes stuff on her old phone but its unclear if this will work for Samsung to LG even though both are Android. Looked all over the internet but it was not clear after multiple articles. Lots of other sw to do it but I am a little leery of those. HELP please.

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Re: how do I transfer data from S4 to LG g7 thinq
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Thank you, new2android, for providing us with this updated information. As the heart of our Verizon family we want to continue to ensure all of our options are reviewed to confirm the memory on your device has been successfully restored. To start, let's make sure that your MyVerizon application is up to date. The My Verizon app is only available for Android devices running 4.0. After you've confirmed that the latest application is updated into your devices, please perform the steps on the following link. If you are running in to any trouble while completing these steps, please let us know as we'll be on stand by waiting to further assist if needed :

Re: how do I transfer data from S4 to LG g7 thinq

old phone off when when you start activation.

costco vendor made the sale & will have no interest in helping when no commission is involved.

smart switch says all platforms, old is sender & new is receiver with both on wi-fi.