low battery behavior of android 6.01 normal or defect??

Hello,  I have an android Maxx 2 with a 6.01 marshmallow OS.   It is new.   So, I normally, specially with new devices, run the battery down pretty low before fully charging it up.  (That used to be considered good battery management.  Don't know if that is still good with the newer batteries.)

but, back to the story.  When I allowed the battery to drain down to 20% (or thereabouts) , it was necessary to press the button 3x to bring the screen back each time instead of the once which is normal.  At first, I thought the switch was not functioning properly.

The phone did not turn off.  This was just to bring the screen back to life.   In this case, I am not prone to assume that this is a defect.  Instead, I think it might be a smart behavioral function to tell the user to charge up as it is getting low.

BTW.  The phone has been charged up and the switch has returned to the proper 1 time activation to bring the screen back.  So the main question still remains.

But, I do not know.  Is this normal programmed behavior for this Motorola Maxx 2 device.........or is this a defective misfire when the battery gets lower??

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Re: low battery behavior of android 6.01 normal or defect??
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Congratulations on your new phone, we hope that you are loving it. We want to make sure that your phone is in tip top shape and not defective. Let's get right to work. To make sure that we are on the same page, this feature of having to press the button 3x has been happening since you received the phone, or did this start after a software update? Does this only happen when the phone is below 20% battery life?

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