model LG US 985.i think it is a G4. screen dead. any chance of data recovery?

something must still be alive in it.

the PC recognizes it and charges it, but wont let me in to transfer files.

i assume i need to change the USB setting on the phone, but the screen is blank.

tried removing battery.  different battery. different cable.

everything was backed up but, SURPRISE! quickmemo+ can only be read on an LG phone. that was a great April fools joke. they got me good.

so, the question is , is there anyway to get into the phone? or anyway to retrieve the quckmemo+ data. even if i have to buy an LG phone just to read and copy the quckmemo+ notes?

i backed up both the internal and the SD card to a PC.

if i put the SD card in a LG phone, do you think it would show the quickmemo+ files?

i have a Moto ,now.

i assume i need to access internal memory.

dont they make a USB to USB phone connector? you plug into a phone instead of a PC, to transfer files. do you think that would work? would a working LG get me into the internal memory on a screen dead LG?


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