motorola droid battery drain

For about the past month my Droid will hit around 70% battery and then just drop to 0% instantly. Today a yellow triangle with an ! came up.  What the heck does this mean and what can we do about this??

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Re: motorola droid battery drain
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Exactly which Droid model phone do you have?

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Re: motorola droid battery drain
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I would certainly be concerned about this rapid battery drain and now the triangle. Let's get this resolved.


As Ann154 asked, what Droid model phone do you have? Has the phone been dropped or wet at all? Are you able to run a device health check? To do so, you can download/open the My Verizon Mobile app > select Menu, (3-lines upper left) > Devices > select your device > Manage > Run Health Check.


You will see a Results page with Battery, Performance, Connectivity, and Storage. If any category is in yellow or red, please open to see what is causing issues.


Please keep us posted.



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Re: motorola droid battery drain
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I'm thinking you are in an Android Recovery screen.

When you are there, attempt to press Power and Volume Up simultaneously, or Power and Volume Down.

Do you get a list of options? Use Vol Up or Vol Down to scroll. Select Wipe Cache Partition, then reboot now.