motorola droid ultra driver xt1080

I have tried to install the driver for XT1080 for my Motorola Droid Ultra and I download it but it says its not available.  I did not have this problem prior to me getting Verizon modem for the internet.........I am at a loss,  Any suggestions?? I have been to the Motorola web site, verizon, and Windows website and nothing I have tried has worked.......

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Re: motorola droid ultra driver xt1080
Community Leader
Community Leader

Why/where do you need to install a driver?  If you are trying to hook up to your computer to see the data on the phone, just plug it in to a USB Port on your computer.  Pull down the notification shade and under USB, tap Data transfer (with Marshmallow, it defaults to charging the phone).

If you need the driver for some other use, post back and we'll help you figure this out.