my phone was ruined by Verizon update

Had a perfect working brigadier by Kyocera. Plugged phone into computer to move some files onto the phone storage card. A screen soon after said there is a update. I have never had any problems with updating phones in the past so I thought "no problems" a few hours later all my phone will do now is vibrate and then silence, vibrate then silence. NO BOOTING anymore. I have tried the bootloader reset and clear cache. That did not get my phone working. I chatted with Verizon customer support they could not help. They said bring phone to the local store. The Local store did the same things that I did, went into boot loader reset NOTHING. Phone still not working. They said since I bought the phone on ebay for $48 and am not a Verizon customer they are not going to do anything for me. I got this phone as a gift for my wife who unfortunately is a Verizon customer.  I think that Verizon is ruining older phone on purpose to try to get people to get new phones. I did a search on the internet and I see the Verizon update ruining a lot of phones. Verizon has 6 days to repair or replace this phone and if they don't  I will be initiating a class action lawsuit to stop Verizon from this deceitful practice.  I welcome anyone that has had phones bricked by Verizon to contact me and I will add you to the settlement class.

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