my v30 will not charge wirelessly
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Purchased a mophie wireless charger from Verizon Wireless that says its compatible with LG QI enabled phones. I have the LG V30. I plug the mophie into the wall, nothing. Plug it into my computer and the little white light blinks. In either case, my phone won't charge. What is wrong here??

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Re: my v30 will not charge wirelessly
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I am very sorry to hear your device is not connecting properly with the Mophie wireless charger. I can definitely understand the importance of wanting the convenience of charging your device wirelessly. I want to ensure I am providing you with the correct steps, so we can get the wireless charger working. Can you tell me the model Mophie you are using ( Wireless charging base, Charge force power station or charge stream pad plus)? Tell me more about what happens when you place the device on the wireless charger? Did the device come with any kind of user manual?


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