phone will not recognize sim card

My phone will randomly say unable to detect SIM card. I will shut the phone off and pull the card out and reinstall it sometimes that will fix it other times I will have to do it several times.

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Re: phone will not recognize sim card

Go to a corporate store and get a free SIM replacement.  If you don't have a store nearby, call or live chat.  It will take a few days to get to you though.  Do not go to an authorized retailer, as they will charge for the card...unless you have to.

Re: phone will not recognize sim card
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Hello donovan696. First off, I want to thank Snn5 for the recommendation to get to a store for a free replacement SIM card. In many ways, that's definitely the quickest method to get one. I would also add that this tool is a store locator, that would give you the address and contact number for the nearest corporate store.

If you haven't had the chance to get a replacement SIM (or if your SIM issue has not yet been resolved), please let me know here. I can help.

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