poor coverage

I have moved to zip 23120 and am finding the coverage to be very poor. This is not only for my phone but my husband's Pixel phone, as well any anyone who visits us (I make a point of asking visitors). When I reported the situation to Verizon I was told that the only option was to buy a network extender. I feel this is a poor option. Since I am paying $150 / month (excluding costs of phones) I don't feel this a good suggestion. Why isn't the Verizon engineering team monitoring the network to see where service needs to be improved! The onus should be on Verizon to fix the network, not on me throwing more money at the problem.

Re: poor coverage
Customer Service Rep

We always want you to have the best wireless experience possible, 7036759327mb. I regret to learn of any issues with the service in and around your home, and I am eager to assist you today. Let's gather some information, to make sure we're on the same page. Tell me, is this happening only inside your home? How does your experience compare when stepping outside? Please share some additional details, thank you. 



Re: poor coverage

depending where you live in the zipcode, areas away from city center can't expect the same good coverage as those in the city.....a choice you make, rural living or good cell service.

even in the city the best connect speeds are 5-12mbps.

instead of a range extender, add wi-fi & all you problems will be solved.