poor customer service

I tried to get a customer service rep at Verizon to help me find my phone contacts. For some reason they disappeared from my phone but when I went to the store I was told they didn't have the equipment anymore to transfer the contacts from my old phone to my smartphone. He also said they didn't have any backup on the phone to find them and that I needed to go to a computer repair shop and have them transfer for me.  It cost me $27.00 and I was offended by how cold the verizon rep was.  I don't have too much faith in Verizon now.  What are they in town for except to sell their products.

Re: poor customer service
Customer Service Rep

Hello, we are sorry to read you had a poor customer service experience at the store. The last thing we want is for you to have a negative impression of us. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Being on top of your contacts is vital, especially if you are looking to transfer them. We are here to help. We sent you a Private Note.