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Is there any way I can upload my texts so I can print them out? I need it for a court case.

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If you're using Verizon Messages, they can be printed from your My Verizon account.

There are text backup/restore apps in the Play Store that also provide for printing the texts.

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MAMAFISH1961 Printing texts for a court case can certainly be important and I hope to provide suitable options. The Verizon Messages app is required to print text messages from the My Verizon online account. The Verizon Messages app can be installed to the phone from the Google Play Store and the Apple App store, depending on your device type. Then please use the following web page, which will direct you to the Verizon Messages web app on a computer to sign into your My Verizon online account. Select the text conversation to print, select the 3 vertical dots in the upper right side, select conversation to print and print. If it’s a smartphone, make a screenshot.  Send the screenshot to your email to print the image. Lastly a lawyer or law enforcement member involved in the case can contact us directly to request copies of the texts.




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